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PoroPants's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
-23 years old
-Pokemon Obsessed
-Anxious around strangers, but friendly if you talk to me.
-Bisexual as fuck.

I know I've made what feels like a thousand PKMNation sales journals, as well as said several of those sales journals were the last, but this one is definitely the last. 
This one is for all the chips, a giant blow out, everything and everyone goes. 
Usually I have a lengthy laundry list of mons I'd be keeping, but this time no one is safe. Everyone is up for grabs, and I do mean EVERYONE.
You might be thinking 'but poro, don't you have a couple of mons who you'd never sell?' and usually I'd say "Yeah, they're definitely off limits" but if my last couple of journals are any indication I need the cash pretty badly.
(Actually, I take that back. The Audino/Ampharos/Altaria is staying with me because I promised to take good care of her. If her original owner wants her back, that's one thing, but other than that she's staying with me.)

Here's the link to my inventory:…
Everyone has been linked to their ref/clutch image to the best of my ability.
The ones with traits but no link have unfortunately been lost to time/deleted by the original artists. 
If theres a newer mon who is missing a ref please let me know
(Don't go clicking just yet, there's going to be some important info below)

Just because everyone is up for grabs, doesn't mean they all have the same level of openness(for lack of a better word)
Mon with refs listed in this journal will have varying tiers of how easy it is to pry them from my cold poorly circulated little fingers.

Low-Tier(Fairly easy, but still choosy):

PKMNation: Frankie. by PoroPants
PKMNation: Alana. by PoroPants
PKMNation: Lilith. by PoroPants
PKMNation: Tatertot. by PoroPants
Mid-Tier/High-Tier(Eeeeh, pretty choosy/Please only inquire about these if you'll draw them):
PKMNation: Andromeda. by PoroPants

PKMNation: Cosplay Clutch(DYO OPEN) by PoroPants
(This one also has an open DYO 3-trait, ignore the price on the clutch. Its OTA)

PKMNation: Avarosa. by PoroPants
(Avarosa is pretty well known in the group and is my special gal. She's literally the closest mon to my heart and I love her dearly. I'm pretty sure I've drawn her the most out of all my mons. She is technically lifemated and also has another mon who is very dear to her heart and if bought she'd have to stay in the complex love-triangle like thingy I've managed to RP her into. I'm pretty sure I know two or three people who are going to shoot me for even offering her up/fight over her, but I never draw her/rp with her anymore and she is FAR too fabulous to just sit in my inventory.)

PKMNation: Syaoran(lvl 100) by PoroPants
(Syaoran is just as close to my heart as Ava is, and technically I've RP'd with him far more than I have Ava. He's a loveable goof who adores his tiny girlfriend and if you express interest in him you must keep him with her. I'm pretty sure his girlfriend's owner is gonna have words for me, but much like Ava I never draw/rp with him anymore and I don't like seeing my special kids sitting in my inventory collecting dust.)

Everyone is offer what you want/go by the prices I bought them for.
I'm only accepting points/paypal.
I am willing to do holds if you REALLY like a mon.
Please don't harass me or anyone else who comments on this journal.
Only inquire if you're actually going to DRAW THE MON.

Thank you all for taking a look and I hope you find someone you like. ;v;


The goomy crosses.
They really like goomy crosses
Slot for Dawn.
Commission with background.
as stated in title  
100 Point Commission
Basic image with no background.


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